WorthyData™ provides smartphone users the capability to create automatically authenticated media (images, audio and video). Our technology will guarantee that all of the data a WorthyData™ enabled smartphone gathers when it captures media is unchanged, unedited, untouched.

Utilizing our proprietary patent pending technology and an innovative business model, WorthyData™ will provide a secure ecosystem for the capture, management, copyrighting, licensing/sale, and publishing of automatically authenticated digital media whose content and associated metadata can be guaranteed without third party verification.

WorthyData™ adds value to digital media whether created as content by professional photographers or citizen journalists, or by businesses or organizations for documentation. WorthyData™ users retain complete control of their media while displaying their work, licensing their media or simply retaining it for documentation purposes.

With customized interfaces for media and news agencies, business and organizations, the WorthyData™ system and website make finding, licensing and publishing authenticated images non-technical and fast, saving the time and expense of vetting and forensic verification. Our smartphone app and web platform provide a secure and easy to use system for the capture, management, copyrighting, licensing/sale, and publishing of authenticated digital images, audio, and video.

For inquiries in participating in the WorthyData™ beta program please contact us at Beta@WorthyData.co



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